Life for me took the most brilliant twist at around the age of 33.  I put my photography business on hold and began to chase answers that would 'fix' me after being diagnosed with MS.  What unfolded was beyond me and I am beyond grateful for my journey of healing. A few years ago a certain quote from The Wizard of Oz spoke to me in a whole new way. "You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself." After years of chasing the answers outside of me, I began to trust the answers within me. I began to release labels I once found comfort in and start to rediscover WHO I wanted to be rather than whom, I thought I should be.  As a photographer, I'm interested in knowing WHO you are and what your unique story is.  I am in the business of helping curious individuals dive inside and discover more of who they really are and helping them find the courage to show that gift to the world. Whether it be your business, your passion, the love of your life, or all of the above...I want to create a safe place for you to celebrate YOU.  I am here to celebrate and create transformation with you! My choice of healing modality is through Soulography.  I love to show you new versions of you that you may be meeting for the first time. 
I am inspired daily by my three incredible children and my rock of a husband, that is continually curious about the new person that I become each day. I set out on a journey to heal myself of Multiple Sclerosis and what I found was a spiritual journey that has lit my life on fire. I use my gifts to tell inspirational stories and inspire others to embark on their own journey inward. I am passionate about building a community full of keys to help unlock one’s potential through curiosity.
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